• Treats floodwaters.

    Digests organic solids, sewage and odors.

  • Using the Power of Nature

    Using All Natural Microbes Designed Specifically For The Task

  • Water Pollution Treatment

  • Removes odors.

    Removes rotting organic matter from water and land.

We offer two all-natural solutions for the bioremediation of water:


Lake Water Treatment

Reduces odors, phosphorus and other nutrients, improving water quality in lakes, rivers, wetlands and floodwaters.

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Waste Water Treatment

Reduces sewage waste in floodwaters, rivers, lakes and wetlands.

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At Microbetech, we believe in using the power of nature through bioremediation.  We’ve been providing probiotic microbes for over two decades. Our Aquaculture products contain only 100% natural ingredients and do not include any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pesticides or chemicals. Our microbial formulas have been proven effective and safe to handle and provide a healthy and organic alternative to chemical treatments.

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