About Microbetech

Using the Power of Nature

Our Company

Microbetech is a leading edge bio-remediation company with environmental products that provide effective and innovative solutions for cleaning up pollution and restoring water, soil, and plant health. We firmly believe in the efficacy of our products and formulas to clean and enhance our surroundings safely and effectively with a natural and non-toxic treatment of the environment. At Microbetech, we believe our products can help save the planet!

Our Mission

Our mission is to clean up pollution and improve soils, waters, plants and ecosystems through the use of these dynamic Bio-System products throughout the world bringing us closer to accomplishing our vision.

An Old World Philosophy

The fundamental philosophy underlying the Bio-System technology is to utilize what nature and older world cultures have used for thousands of years to treat pollution and disease: natural microorganisms, enzymes, amino acids and macro-minerals. Our products are non-toxic to plants, humans, animals and water. They are natural and organic and they do not introduce any substance that is foreign or upsetting to the natural eco-system. They remove toxic conditions and bio-stimulate the ecosystem to healthy conditions.

Our Products

Our products contain all natural ingredients, consisting of humic acid, enzymes, trace minerals and live microbes. There are no synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or genetically engineered microorganisms in our products. All of Microbetech products are non-toxic to fish, wildlife, domestic animals, and humans. The products are safe to handle and effective at recommended application rates. Microbetech products have been approved for use by the State of California Department of Fish and Game as biologically safe for the environment.

All the microbes in our products are recognized as beneficial and are included on the approved list of beneficial microbes of the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC).

Our Story

The Inventor

Hugh Muir has devoted the past 30 years to the R&D of patented, advanced biological systems for agricultural applications, leading to his becoming the inventor of the Bio-System® technology and founder of his company, the Materials Science Company.

Prior to 1975, Hugh Muir had a long and distinguished career in major scientific corporations such as Astro Research at NASA, Dow Chemical and Collins Radio. He was instrumental in the development of space-oriented materials employed in early NASA space projects. His single crystal research led to some of the earliest rare earth single crystal lasers at Crystal Technology Corporation, which he owned and later sold to Varian Associates.

Early Days

In the early 1970’s, an avocado farmer asked Hugh Muir if he knew of any way to deal with his leaking septic tanks that were leaching toxins into the soil. He returned with a microbial formula he had designed and treated the infected soil around the tanks. Weeks later the farmer excitedly summoned Muir to his farm. To their great surprise the avocado trees surrounding the leach field area that were previously highly stressed and dying, were rapidly improving, showing new limb, foliage growth and blossom development.

This revelation set Hugh Muir on his quest: to evaluate the feasibility of employing beneficial microorganisms (bacterial soil microbes) to remediate and enhance agricultural and horticultural soil. He was determined to discover an alternative agricultural protocol to bio-remediate the devastation of the country’s soil that had suffered from sixty years and millions of tons of harsh agricultural chemicals, which his field studies indicated were the source of the problem. What was needed was a bio-system that would act in a symbiotic and complimentary way to nature in restoring the soil’s vitality.


The initial research revolved around the concept of inoculating specific beneficial microbes into a soil to perform bioremediation in the physical, chemical and biological areas. Experimentation with a number of formulas achieved only a 5% success rate. The reason was that the soil had been so debilitated by toxic agriculture-chemicals the microbes couldn’t gain a foothold and propagate. This led to Muir’s discovery that he could effectively remediate almost any marginal soil environment no matter how abused it was by combining a carefully optimized biological and nutritional formulation of microbes and plant enzymes, fulvic and humic acids, polysaccharides and trace minerals.

Over the next several years, Muir evolved the technology to add sophisticated formulations of many species of microbes with various organic bioremediation material components. The success of the Bio-System® technology not only lead to the ability to treat many varieties of agricultural and horticultural crops and soils, but has also been applied to the successful treatment of seeds and unique foliar applications, water remediation, animal feed additives, and human health nutritional products, and has vast potential in nursery and forestry applications.

Microbetech worked closely with Hugh Muir for over 15 years. Working together, we completed extensive testing of the aquatic and foliar/soil microbial formulas in participation with the University of San Francisco, U.C.L.A. and other laboratories. The products have consistently resulted in bioremediation of soil and/or water bodies.


Microbetech products are endorsed by The Inter-Tribal Council of California, a consortium of 55 California Native American Tribes.  Endorsed by the California State Fish and Wildlife and the University of San Francisco

Microbetech products proved to be very effective, removing the odors and digesting the floating carcasses of thousands of dead fish that covered over two miles of our lake shoreline.  I would recommend Microbetech natural products for anyone that wants to improve, enhance and preserve their environment.

James Brown, III Elem Nation Tribal. Chairman, Clearlake Oaks, California

Your bioremediation process represents a significant departure from, and a vast improvement over, historical algal control methods, e.g. treatments with toxic chemicals such as copper and chlorine; and we wish you continued success.

AQ bioremediation products hold a great deal of promise as a substance useful in helping to balance systems disrupted by human activities.

In the case of a swine lagoon having received a BIOSYSTEM inoculation and stimulation I would expect, because of the extremely high and quite readily available carbon sources, that the microbial population would be very high and active. Phosphorus as well as all other mineral microbial nutrients take up should be very significant to support the microbial population explosion that occurs.

-Hugh Muir, Materials Science Company

Past treatments

  • San Francisquito Creek
  • Walnut Creek
  • Jade Lake, Chateau Montelena Winery, Napa Valley, CA
  • Petaluma River and Bahia Wetlands, Marin County, CA
  • Palace of Fine Arts Lake, San Francisco, CA
  • Sacramento River Sturgeon Farms, CA
  • Kelsey Creek, Lake County, CA
  • Clear Lake , Lake County, CA
  • Putah Creek, Lake County, CA
  • San Francisquito Creek, Woodside, CA
  • Searsville Lake, Woodside, CA
  • Emerald Hills Country Club, Redwood City, CA
  • Emerald Lake, Redwood City, San Francisco Bay Wetlands
  • Langtry Winery, Middletown, CA
  • Dieter Lake and Putah Creek, Middletown, CA