Waste Water Treatment

Specifically Designed For Waters polluted with sewage

AQ-5 Aquaculture BioSystem™ Formulants

Bio-remediation water treatment formulation non-toxic, all-natural

Reduces nutrients and improves water quality in sewage pipeline & lagoon treatment

Contains highly concentrated microbes which

  • break down grease, oils, nutrients and sludge
  • reduce phosphorus, phosphates
  • remove excess nutrients and odors

Simply Mix, Grow & Release

  • Mix: 8 ounces (2 cups) with 50 Gallons water, treats 325,000 Gals
  • Grow: Microbes 1 to 2 hours
  • Release: Apply AQ-5 solution directly into sewer pipelines or lagoon.1 pound AQ-5 treats 650,000 gallons of wastewater. Use all mixed solutions within 24 hours.

An Easy to Use, Completely Organic Solution

Aquaculture-5 (AQ-5) is formula used for accelerated removal of nutrients and odors. Used for wastewater, sewage systems, transmission pipelines, swine lagoons and other water bodies with heavy nutrient loads. Bio-converts grease, fats, oils and detritus.

ORGANIC BASED: all cultures comply with ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) list of beneficial natural microbes, non-toxic & safe to handle.

Results You Can Count On

  • Promotes bio-digestion of organic matter in waste pits and other water bodies
  • Treats contaminated floodwaters to reduce dead organic matter and odors, and reduces oils, chemicals and other pollutants
  • Breaks down sludge, grease and oils
  • Reduces phosphorus and phosphates
  • Removes excess nutrients and odors
  • Non-toxic & safe to handle
  • Bio-converts grease, fats, oils and organic detritus


  • Waste Water
  • Sewage Systems
  • Sewage Pipelines
  • Swine Lagoons
  • Septic Systems
  • Waste Water Treatment Ponds
  • Floodwaters

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Case Studies

City of Whiteville Waste Water Treatment

Whiteville, NC

The Problem

The waste water treatment facilities in City of Whiteville, N.C. had high nitrate and phosphorus levels.

Our Solution

Our AQ products were applied at the waste water treatment centers.  Lab results before and after treatment showed a reduction of nitrates and phosphorus by 50% over a three month period.


    Your bioremediation process represents a significant departure from, and a vast improvement over, historical algal control methods, e.g. treatments with toxic chemicals such as copper and chlorine; and we wish you continued success.

    “AQ bioremediation products hold a great deal of promise as a substance useful in helping to balance systems disrupted by human activities.”

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